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Club parties and social events take place in Fort Lauderdale regularly. It makes no wonder as this is a coastal city in Florida, 25 miles north of Miami. However, the modern generation finds the standard event format boring and outdated. It is not easy to feel real excitement and have fun in a stuffy, overcrowded room. To become a king of the nightlife of a huge metropolis is possible thanks to our service. 

Our company allows renting a party bus in your city. We offer an entertainment complex on wheels. A limo or jeep is awesome, but you can’t fit many guests in it. In addition, many people like to dance when having a party. Modern comfortable Party Bus is equipped with everything necessary for a fiery party. There is a dance floor, seating area, bar counter, checkroom, and toilet in every transport. The light show and sound quality are the pride of our team. We offer a new format of celebrations and public events – just rent a Party Bus in Fort Lauderdale to get all the benefits!

What Is a Party Bus?

  • A nightclub on wheels is a disco wherever you want. With us, you can host a party and disco anywhere for cheap: at the cottage, on the beach, at the recreation center, or just in the open space. Party Bus is associated with independence in the full sense of this word. That is why many wonder how much this service can cost them.

Why Should You Choose Our Party Bus Rent Service?

  • Do you want to celebrate a birthday, bachelor party, graduation, anniversary, or just have a good day off? Then, our party buses are at your service at any time. One look at them is enough to realize that you are in for an unreal party. In our special tour buses, you and your guests can do it all: dance, sing, drink and just have fun with your buddies so that everybody will remember the occasion for a while. Each bus combines a great restaurant, karaoke, and dance floor with a pole dancing area and a DJ workstation, as well as a luxurious lounge area. No restrictions! Our Party Bus is a great place for fashion parties. A more compact bus will allow you to get to any point in the city. The exclusive interior and quality music will surprise many.

Reasons to Rent Our Party Bus Today​

It used to be customary to order a party limo to drive around the city at night and feel like a VIP. Now, days are gone because it’s impossible to arrange a dance floor, concert, or karaoke hall. The same can be said about placing a piece of DJ equipment. If you rent a Party Bus in Florida, you get a real club on wheels. Besides, traveling by big comfortable bus limo is much safer. Such transport will be noticed anywhere in the street. Be sure that the crowds will be impressed!

Some may think that only wealthy people can organize a party and rent this sort of bus. In fact, it is not so! The price for Party Bass in Fort Lauderdale is very pleasant. At least, our service has set up affordable fees after comparing the market prices. Our fee includes more than transport itself. You also obtain:

●  Our DJ will make everyone dance to the top with their driving music.

●  Karaoke with a huge selection of songs so that you and your guests will indeed find your favorite song on the list to present to the crowd.

●  A colorful confetti show and sky lanterns will make the night unforgettable and romantic.

●  An opportunity to take a bunch of colorful photos.

●  You can hire an expert with years of driving experience and the skills necessary to deliver top-quality services to our clients

In short, it’s a great way to organize a holiday full of joyful emotions and inimitable impressions. A large number of successful and active young people who love everything non-trivial and modern have already tried our services and stayed fully satisfied. That is why you’d better hurry up to rent one of our exclusive limousine buses! To learn more details about the price for Party Bus in your district, use the contact info on our website. 

Disco on Wheels

Nightclub on wheels is a disco wherever you want. With us, you can have a party and disco anywhere: at the cottage, on the beach, at the recreation center, or just in the open field! Party bus is independence in the full sense of the word. Being in one company with your loved ones, you can enjoy the scenery of the night city and the freedom of movement. The disco bus has everything you need for a small but full-fledged party: sofas, tables, bar counter, dance floor, plasma panels, light music, restrooms, and even a dressing room! You can create an unforgettable birthday party, corporate event, or even a wedding! If you need to get to the celebration from the airport first, then we can also offer an extraordinary airport limousine to your taste. If your party is very merry, noisy, and active, an ordinary limousine will not work for you. In this case, you need transport in which you can not only communicate but also dance with as many guests as you wish. There is such transport as a party bus also called a club bus and disco bus.

Mobile Night Club

This novelty appeared in many states not so long ago but is rapidly gaining popularity. Inside this bus, users can find a fully recreated festive atmosphere of a small restaurant or nightclub. Each transport is well-equipped with a DJ panel, light music, lighting, bar counter, etc. Disco buses in the wedding cortege are rather spectacular! In addition, party bus Miami is a great way to impress all the guests and relatives with something original and make the celebration unforgettable for everyone. On such a bus, you can safely start celebrating your wedding even before arriving at the place of the main celebration or even a full wedding if you decide to celebrate the event in a small company - a circle of the closest and merriest friends. A party in a party bus is not only original, creative, dynamic, and fun but also very convenient. There are only several similar projects in the world, and Florida is one of the places where you can rent an exclusive party bus. At the very beginning of the project, our service was ordered by Hollywood stars for their parties. Now, it's available for you too. In the driver's cabin, there is a place for a DJ to work. This person controls the video monitors, music mix, lights, etc. The far compartment can be used as a chill-out or social area.

What Makes Our Company Stand Out?

Once you enter keywords like “party bus in Florida near me,” you can find out that many websites offer such services. Thus, users may wonder what makes our service so special. That is why we decided to list all advantages of our party bus rental service. Are you interested in party bus rental and price? Then, you are at the right time, in the right place. Multiple advantages are waiting for you in this company. Consider several of them:

You can order a great party bus in perfect condition — no smoky interiors and stains from previous celebrations. You'll get a brand new luxury bus with a panoramic frame arriving to pick you up at the specified time.

We guarantee an individual approach to every client. We know that everyone is different, and every event should be unique. You can choose the day, time, travel route, venue, the set of new services, the transport design, and even the music and type of champagne or another beverage. Do you have new requirements? Tell the company manager when you decide to order a party bus from our service.

The VIP service is first-class and cannot be explained otherwise. Be sure that a party bus for rent from our team will arrive as early as possible. Our qualified managers can help you choose the perfect route and tell you about all the services. We promise that the driver from our company will be very punctual, patient, and obliging. If you want, you and your mates will be constantly photographed so that you will stay with pleasant memories of the event.

Many new services for those who are not looking for a compromise. A professional photographer, videographer, design of party bus with fresh flowers and balloons, live doves, lots of champagne, and fruit baskets - in other words, everything is included to make the event unforgettable even for the most capricious guests.

Affordable rates to rent such a versatile vehicle anytime you want it. In addition, the price of a party bus includes all the equipment inside. You'll be able to bring your own alcohol and food. Plenty of sales, special promotions, and different gifts can make the party bus service even more financially rewarding. You can also check how our affiliate program works.

A vast number of discounts, special offers, and all sorts of gifts are offered simply for a quick reservation, for an N-hour rental, for knowing the secret phrase, or simply as a thank you for choosing this company. For example, you can contact us today, and you can get a generous discount on any of our company's services


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    Whatever event you have planned - a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate party, or a business meeting - renting a party bus will be handy!